Do I really need to use a CRM to schedule my follow-ups?

Yes, you do. So often I come across companies who expect staff to build pipelines and generate meetings with prospects.  But they fail to recognise the vital importance of having a system that captures conversations with customers or prospects who are not interested TODAY. (These are the appointments of tomorrow!) But surely you ask, shouldn’t we should be chasing down the people who are in the market to buy today, right?! Tip What you really should be thinking is: “How can I put [...]


GDPR. Yet more burdensome red-tape? Marketing opportunity? It’s up to you.

Don’t be afraid – marketing apocalypse is not upon us! The doomsayers out there (and there’s plenty of them) are telling us GDPR is a bureaucratic nightmare. But we think it represents a great marketing opportunity for small and medium businesses, so we thought we’d shed some light on the changes to data protection coming down the line in May 2018. GDPR – or General Data Protection Regulations to give it its proper name – is already written into the [...]

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