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Our story 

We are no overnight success story. We’ve fine-honed our approach to telemarketing training and coaching over 25 years.

We bring radically different approach to run-of–the- mill sales training organisations – the brutal truth is that all too often delegates of “old-school” training have forgotten what they learned days after completing sales training.

We think that’s wrong. 

Blended Learning – a better way

The traditional approach to sales training involves passive – not active learning. What we’ve learned is the majority of people only truly learn  by becoming active participants in the teaching and learning process – in other words by doing!

We’re unlike any other sales training organisation in the UK. We approach coaching and training differently.

Our individual learner-centric approach means we combine elements of training that are best delivered in a face-to-face environment (in a small size classroom setting) with delegates becoming active participants in the process through fully supported learning.

We support delegates on a 1-2-1 basis through individual coaching and mentoring  support. Candidates are able to access a range of leaning materials and resources  via our online L&D platform – implementing and practising skills gained from classroom learning – working on real sales live sales prospects.

“We’re all responsible for sales and selling around here”

We encourage and promote an entrepreneurial mindset where starting conversations and making things happen becomes the norm. But this is not something that happens overnight. It takes time. This is why our we run our programmes over a 12 week period.

We enjoy working with businesses from all sectors who want and need better in-house lead-generation and a desire to create a robust sales process that will  produce consistent, repeatable, and predictable sales results.

We can unlock the sales potential in your company. In fact we’re so confident you will see real value that we offer clients a warranty built into our offer to provide new clients extra confidence that your investment is a wise one.  We don’t do off-the-peg.

Every client is different. We employ a highly personalised approach delivering bespoke training and coaching injecting the human touch into your sales approach

Pitch Perfect Sales was founded by Neil Connaughton & Tyna Harrison because our skills and experience complement each other so well.  We both recognise the power of digital marketing but we can see that, in isolation, it does not maximise results.

There’s a world of difference between a marketing qualified lead in your data base and a real sales lead. How do you know the difference? 

If you haven’t had a proper two- way conversation with a prospect you can’t know for sure if a genuine fit for your product or service exists. Period. Only when you engage in a meaningful two-way conversation do you know if you have a sales qualified lead.

We call this process H2H selling. (That’s human-to-human!)

Our mission is to help you convert marketing qualified leads into real sales qualified leads. 

Turn your conversations into clients. 

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