Sales Diagnostic

Covid-19 has changed everything

The new “new” in sales and means working smarter not harder.  Since lock down we’ve been been working with our accountant and marketing guru to help create a free resource aimed squarely at the L&D/ HR community.

Our free online diagnostic will help you get clarity on your sales process and how you can maintain revenue line performance. If you’re  reviewing your sales process or thinking about how you can maintain competitiveness in the post Covid-19 this is for you.    

It can be tough to get a proper perspective. Sometimes you need to step back and see the bigger picture and the future. You need a sidekick, a critical friend to ask you the right questions, and offer some impartial advice. 

How it works:

Step 1: Complete our detailed online sales diagnostic

Step 2: You will receive a report covering the following areas of your sales process; People, Processes, Systems, Culture – the aim of the exercise is to provide you with hard practical advice. (This is NOT a sales hook, and there’s zero expectation that we will work together – we just want to help.)   

Step 3: Together we review the key outputs of the sales diagnostic during a focused 30 minute 1-2-1 Zoom session 

What to expect

Receive an expert, impartial, third-party sales review, with your sales process visually mapped – we see the things you don’t.

Contact us today. We’ll send you a unique link and complete our sales diagnostic and report. 

What’s to lose?

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