Neil Connaughton

Neil Connaughton

Owner / Founder

Why Pitch Perfect?

I’m Neil Connaughton, I was inspired to create Pitch Perfect Sales ltd after spotting a gap in the sales training market – I’m on a mission to shake things up and provide a superior alternative to traditional sales training.  

I am qualified by experience having spent 15 years working in fmcg sales at Britvic Soft Drinks in new business roles and as a sales trainer. But after facing redundancy I decided to invest in myself and gained some formal teaching and assessment qualifications which gave me insight into the fundamentals of the teaching and learning process - a key ingredient often missing in traditional day training seminars and workshops - which can provide a valuable short-term motivational boost. But all too often delegates forget everything they’ve learned in a matter of days or weeks!

As Benjamin Franklin keenly observed; “Tell me and I forget, show me and I remember, involve me and I learn.” 

Active learning and delegate participation are cornerstones of our learner- centric approach.  Every client has different needs.  But they all have one thing in common- a need to ramp up in-house lead generation activities that help produce consistent, repeatable, and predictable sales results.

We challenge learners and organisations to create an entrepreneurial sales culture utilising the Pitch Perfect sales methodology. Every delegate has someone to support them during the learning process – their very own Sales Sidekick – a seasoned professional sales mentor and coach and an active practitioner with years of real world telephone sales expertise.

And that’s not all. We’re pulled together a great suite of online learning resources including a super user-friendly online learning management system. Delegates are encouraged to complete assignments, listen to podcasts, watch videos, complete quizzes, and contribute to group discussions.  Active participation in the learning process is the key to learning and motivation. 

The result is a transformation in attitudes behaviours and a transition to a more entrepreneurial sales culture. Delegates complete the Pitch Perfect programme feeling motivated and comfortable picking up the telephone promoting better relationships, stronger client engagement and real sales qualified leads.

Finding and winning new business is exciting and rewarding. Developing personal influencing skills is an invaluable life skill. We love seeing the transformation delegates undergo as they progress through the Pitch Perfect Academy.

Neil is likely to say:

"We are going to get proactive - its our job to follow up - not the customer."

"There's a world of difference between a marketing quantified lead and a sales qualified lead."

"Covid-19 brought us closer together...we're talking to each other again... and that's no bad thing!" 

Sound Bites: Free-thinker, people person, entrepreneurial, change -is- good mindset  Enjoys: Finding humour in everyday things, solving problems, and making a difference.

  • Currently reading:  The Celestine Prophesy

  • Currently disliking:  Media negativity

  • Currently listening to: Nile Rogers

  • Currently Playing:  Canasta

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