Tyna Harrison – Head Trainer

Tyna Harrison

Head Trainer

I possess 19 years hard-won experience creating, managing and delivering successful outbound telemarketing campaigns - which means I really know my stuff :- lead generation; appointment booking; data cleansing; permission based  GDPR compliant campaigns.

I've been coaching & mentoring the last few years - I love seeing delegates grow in confidence over the programme.  

I’ve been lucky enough to have gained real depth and breadth of experience; from lexicon inspired risk solutions in cyber security for large financial houses, to industrial air filtration systems for globally recognised food manufacturers and pharmaceutical companies, charities, engineering, oil & gas, advertising, SAAS, communications, property, logistics, and construction sectors, just to name a few!

The process starts long before simply picking up the phone and making a call - What do you know about the company you are calling?

What do you know about the person within that company you are calling? I like to utilise online resources to help gain a better insight into my prospect – reviewing mission statements, blog sites, about us, meet the team, recent activity, takeovers, NPD... nuggets of information are easily accessible online and we coach delegates to do the right kind research before picking up the telephone - which gives them the edge.  

Building relationships in everyday life is done naturally.......your morning chat with the newsagent or in the local coffee house takes no real thought; you’ve been doing it most of your life "just a conversation" so why don’t we take the same approach in business? We're in danger of losing the personal touch in our increasingly digitalised world. 

But I've found that many a C-level contact actually prefers a quick phone call – and the great thing is you get real direct feedback too!

I feel as if the real fun takes place offline – real salespeople start conversations and make things happen. I know I do!

I love working with new clients helping them to improve sales outcomes. I love being a Sales Sidekick – I’m in your corner, helping you and motivating you every step of the way.

I like to remind the delegates on our programmes “you’re just one phone call away from winning a new client”.

And that’s exactly what I do - taking one phone call at a time – starting two-way conversations, and making things happen!

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