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“We’re all responsible for selling around here.”

We’re on a mission to equip your staff with a positive “can-do” mindset to sales and selling through our bespoke Telemarketing training and coaching programmes. But we know that left to their own devices delegates will often find a way to avoid picking up the telephone and start calling prospects!

And this is where our Sales Sidekick coaching and mentoring solution really comes into its own.

We like to challenge and motivate our learners to stretch themselves which invariably means having a willingness to step out of one’s comfort zone. This is not always an easy thing to do.  And this is how our Sales Sidekick product was born – In response to delegates who wanted to feel properly supported during the 12 week process. 

Experience has taught us that the first 30 days are crucial to success.

Delegates benefit from having a dedicated coach and mentor to guide, support and motivate them – so we’re with you every step of the way – motivating and inspiring delegates to fully embrace the process and rise to the challenge and become an active participant in the learning process taking action and putting into practice some of the fundamentals of Pitch Perfect Sales methodology.

Fundamental to our approach is creating a climate for warm telephone calling by mastering the art of effective telephone prospecting. Relationship based selling underpins our unique approach helping clients implement a tested sales success system designed to prioritise genuine  two-way conversations with customers and prospects improving sales outcomes for our customers.

Over the years we’ve developed a highly successful and unique approach to training and coaching.

Introducing our unique training & coaching programme…

Pitch Perfect Sales methodology harnesses the power of relationship based selling – we inject the human touch that has been missing in our increasingly digitalised world. People buy from people; and we should never forget that.

Our point of difference is that we fuse traditional face-to-face training with 1-2-1 coaching & mentoring – typically we deliver 3 half day workshops over a period of 30 days; during this time your salespeople are “hands-on”. Delegates will follow up making live calls to real prospects in between workshops accessing our training CRM – and each delegate will have a dedicated coach and mentor – their Sales Sidekick

The result is your sales team not only learn & develop new skills, but put them into practice through supported learning and practice back in their job role.  Our sales sidekick product is exactly what it says on the tin. We’re with you every step of the way. 

We’re hands on practitioners with years of real world experience running a busy telemarketing agency. We’re not your run-of-the-mill theory based trainers – we know what works in the real world so we practice the latest techniques including the latest “warm calling” telemarketing techniques.

Sales Sidekick could be right for you if;

Coronavirus has prompted you to take a fresh look at your sales process and salespeople

You need to become less reactive and more pro active where sales and selling is concerned

You want to inject the human touch back into your sales and marketing through telemarketing

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