Telephone prospecting delivers surprising results…

Telephone prospecting delivers surprising results…

In a sea of “one-to-many” online communications Telephone prospecting  delivers surprising results…

In a recent practitioner survey 48 % of CIM qualified marketers judged that telephone marketing (or direct response marketing as it’s sometimes known) is considered to be the single most effective lead qualification tool in the marketers toolkit. Why is this?  Because Teleprospecting injects pace and cut through into your sales and marketing – you will benefit from instant and accurate feedback from “the horses mouth.”

So first, here’s our cracking – (and simple) plan – for helping you to book face-to-face appointments for yourself.  Let’s get started.

Want to Increase your chances of being put through at the first time of calling?  In a bigger company you will sometimes need to engage the “gatekeeper” this could be a colleague, receptionist or a pa.  If you already have a name and ask to be put through you have a better chance so it is always best to do your homework before picking up the phone.

The so called “gatekeeper” is not someone to be “got around” but someone to be engaged with in a professional and courteous way.  The gatekeeper has a job to do – show them respect.

If you have a contact name use it. You might just be put through at the first time of calling. But if asked “what’s this about” try something like this; “the name I’ve got is Mike Smith – continuous improvement manager, is he still the best person to speak to regarding employee engagement in your production process?” (Obviously you’ll craft carefully words that apply to your business and target market.)

Remember, the person answering the call will either connect you straight away, or relay what you’ve say directly to their boss who will often decide whether to take your call (or not), based solely on what “the gatekeeper” tells them.

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Make this easy by providing a few “sound bites” …something punchy that a “gatekeeper” can quickly articulate to their boss. Make it easy for them by saying something relevant and benefit driven e.g.   “I’m following up on my earlier email to John reiterating how we can save him money on his catering and vending budget.”

Keep in mind telemarketing is  “interruption marketing”, the good news is if you get this part right you will hear the magic words; “I’ll put you though”.

Remember, the first few words out of your mouth count. You never get a second chance to make a first impression!

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Be assertive and confident from the outset. Say something like “thanks for taking my call – my name is x from y and the reason for my call today is …followed by a short benefit statement – followed by an open question. E.g.

“We work mainly with FM’s across this region. What we’ve done is solve a problem for them by doing xx (demonstrate what you’ve done, not what you can do).

“I just wanted to establish if you’re experiencing similar issues ”  ..Stay quiet. Listen carefully. Take notes.

To get to grips with telephone relationship prospecting we must strive promote genuine two-way conversations. And if this happens to be your first call your goal must always to properly qualify the opportunity – not to “pitch”.

Lets see if a “fit” exists at this early stage in the process.

Here’s a great follow up question – one of our favourites:

“How do you feel about competition – do you agree that it’s healthy – how open are you to us staying in touch every now and then so you have another option when you’re reviewing your current arrangements”?  (We want an opted-in sales pipeline, not unqualified disinterested prospects.)

Obviously, you’re not going to become an expert overnight but it’s worth setting aside a few hours each week to “work the phone” – intelligently of course. Try making five calls in quick succession to build rhythm.

The truth is you do need to step outside of your comfort zone to see the benefits of telephone prospecting . With practice you really can self-generate lots of warm leads – helping to reduce your over reliance on incoming enquires and introductions.

Never forget, a well timed phone call can make the difference between winning a new client – or not knowing the opportunity even existed!

And keep in mind that in a recent survey 48 % of marketers reported that telephone marketing (or direct response marketing as it’s known  in the trade) is was the single most effective lead generation tool in the marketers armoury.

Best of luck!

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